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Oz-Con Special Guest- Linda Young

Oz-Con Special Guest- Linda Young

Oz-Con is tomorrow. I am extremely excited that it is.  I am cannot wait to see everyone, go to panels, cover the convention, and even be a special guest.

I want to focus on another special guest for the convention.

Linda Young is an awesome voice actor. She will be at Oz-Con all weekend signing autographs.  Come out and see her.

Linda is most known for her roles of Frieza from Dragon Ball Z, Baba from Dragon Ball and DBZ, Super, Kai, Fasha, and Genkai from Yu Yu Hakusho. She has been a part of a ton of other animated movies and series.  Check out her on IMDB right here.

Linad has also wrote and preformed in the syndicated children’s radio show, JJ and the Fruit Troops.  She has written over a dozen Murder Mystery Comedy Shows.  Linda has performed with Mixed Nuts Comedy Troupe.  She is also a singer with Nobles of Note Big Band, Blue Diamond Trio, The Sorta Sisters and Upswing Band.

She is just a little busy in life but she is making time for you to come ad meet her at Oz-Con.

Stay Geeky!

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