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Oz-Con is Just Over a Day Away

Oz-Con is Just Over a Day Away

Oz-Con is almost here.  We are just over a day away.  Okay like like a day and a half but still. As you can see from the image above, the doors open for Oz-Con at 1 pm at the West Plains Convention Center in West Plains Missouri on Friday.

This three day event will be amazing and so fun.  There will be a ton of gamers, cosplayers, and all sorts of fellow geek and nerds.  Check out the guests and all of the cool panels.

Geeky KOOL will be there in force. We have a table you can stop by to join us.  Geeky KOOL members is leading several panels including Geeky Jeopardy and Geeky KOOL D&D that you can sign up for.

Don’t miss the chance to come and hang out with all of the KOOL people this weekend.

Stay Geeky!

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