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Opening Ceremony at Planet Comicon Kansas City

The 2017 Planet Comicon Kansas City convention held their Opening Ceremony today.  The press were invited to show up early to get set up before general admission was allowed into the hall.

This my rundown of the event and please be sure to check out the post Larry has going.

The Opening Ceremony started with Clare Kramer, our host, kicking off the con introducing Chris Jackson, the creator of Planet Comicon in 1999.

 He discussed this year’s lineup, including a major presence by Go Comics, the comic syndicate that includes titles like Foxtrot, Pearls Before Swine, and others.

They then moved to a video of one of the sponsors of the con, the “wrassling” organization, NWL, the National Wrasslin’ League.  They are a new league that focuses on “characters” and they say they do not tell their what to say or what to do when in the job.  This was plenty obvious in the machismo exhibited by one of the two “champions”, Dak Draper, brought on stage for the presentation.  An argument then ensued over which city is better, KC or StL.

Clare then introduced Davey, a young child with a handicap that loves Star Wars more than anything.  They let him meet the actor that plays Darth Vader in Rogue One, which left him very surprised, but not speechless.  They also presented him with a custom wheelchair in the shape of a TIE Fighter.  He is going to drive it around all weekend long.

Clare then introduced a lot of Cosplay groups, creators from comics, television, and movies.


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