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“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we plot to deceive”

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we plot to deceive”


Now, You may wonder why I am starting a blog out with a “hyperlink”, and what it has to do with my article title.  to put is simply, the web is not a place where everything you google comes up smelling like roses and peppermint.  It is a place where nefarious individuals make websites that look real, but are actually there only to steal your information, or even worse….your money(the very same money you thought you were donating to an actual site or cause).

So what does Ares Digital 3.0 have to do with this…..simply put, some unknown individuals have made 2 very similar looking sites, that do exactly what I talked about in the opening paragraph.  These 2 sites spoof and have links to such things as derogatory twitter accounts, and even a porn site for a legal “bunny ranch” located in Nevada.

the 2 FAKE Ares digital sites end in” .Digital”

These sites WILL show up in a google search, so be careful, and remember if you want to donate to the next 2 parts of Axanar(parts 4&5), which just completed the first of 5 shoots this past weekend, only go to https://aresdigital.axanar.com/campaign

Remember to be safe on the Web, because people ARE hoping you will fall for their scams.



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