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Oddly Normal #1- by Otis Frampton (Book Review)

Oddly Normal #1- by Otis Frampton (Book Review)



Oh the trials of Middle School where being oddly normal can get you into all sorts of trouble. Speaking of normal… Oddly is anything but. Her mother is the Wicked Witch and her father the most normal bland guy around. She is stuck somewhere in between with green hair and pointed ears.  On the day of her birthday she makes a horrible wish that her parents (who seem to have little time for her) would just disappear. Unfortunately for her the wish comes true. Enter a crazy Aunt with a bizarre spell that whisks her off to the land Fignation. Will she finally fit in? Will she find her parents? And what’s up with the wolf twins?

The good: 

A solid start to a promising new series by Otis Frampton. I really liked the story and my word.. middle school sucks no matter what dimension you happen to live in! I can see the appeal for pre-teens and I think they will really identify with the story.  Hopefully not too much because poor Oddly gets the short stick in this story.

The okay: 

The story spends quite a bit of time dealing with her not fitting in. There are also some cryptic parts that I hope will make sense in the next book. A.K.A. weird tentacled teacher with no sense of humor..

Final thoughts:

It ends on a cliff hanger and I can’t wait to read the next. I am looking forward to getting a bit more of a back story to the town and its quirky residents. In addition, the colors and design are very appealing! Readers who like a bit of supernatural with a girl lead might want to check this one out.

** Thank you to Diamond Book Distributors for the preview copy on Netgalley.

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