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New Kelvin Universe Star Trek Movie Announced

New Kelvin Universe Star Trek Movie Announced

The new Star Trek Universe known as the Kelvin Universe that started in the 2009 Star Trek movie has a new sequel announced. This will be the fourth Star Trek movie in the Kelvin Universe.  It is currently targeted for a late-2022 production start.

Paramount is in negotiations to bring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, John Cho and Simon Pegg back for this movie.  If they all sign on we will see them return to their roles as Captain James T. Kirk, Spock, Nyota Uhura, Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy, Hikaru Sulu and Montgomery “Scotty” Scott.

Some fans didn’t enjoy the Kelvin Universe. I had a good time.  I am hopeful that they can bring the cast back.

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