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New Adventures of Brisco County, Jr???- What day is it?

New Adventures of Brisco County, Jr???- What day is it?

This image above is from Bruce Campbell’s twitter feed. He tweeted out the above image this morning. This would be a dream announcement for me any other day than today.

Today is April 1st or better known as April Fools Day.  Campbell is a known prankster and loves a good April Fools Day joke.

Doing my due diligence as a press guy, I went to IMDB for Brisco County.  Of course it has the original series listed but no mention of a “New Adventures”.  Sadly, this is a hoax for April Fools as we suspected.  I was suckered in when I first saw it because I wanted this so bad to be real but quickly realized the date.

For a moment, lets consider if this joke and the reaction to it could lead to a “New Adventures” series,  At this point, this tweet has 6.8 Million likes and has been retweeted 278 times.  This doesn’t include those of us that embedded the tweets in post like I did below.  This series could have wide appeal from fans of the original series (like I am) to Bruce Fanatics in general and to anyone that loves a good steamppunk or western or science fiction series It was all three).

I honestly think the original series was ahead of its time. Fox put a lot of really KOOL sci fi series in the 90s and early 2000s like Firefly, Dark Angel,  and Space: Above and Beyond but didn’t know how to build their audience. Too many were cancelled way too early like Brisco. Most of them would work better today then they did in the 90s and 2000s.

If the powers to be decided to make this series, it would probably end up on Disney+ since this was Fox series and Disney now owns the rights to these series.  I believe a “New Adventures” series would be a big draw on any streaming service.

Stay Geeky and Happy April Fools Day!

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