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My Thoughts on the 13th Doctor Being Female

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By now, everyone had heard and most have an opinion about the 13th Doctor. The Doctor (from Doctor Who) will regenerate for the first time into a female form to be the 13th Doctor (not counting the War Doctor).  Here are my thoughts on the announcement of Jodie Whittaker as our next Doctor.

I have sat back and watched the hysteria of reactions to Whittaker being announced.  I have seen numerous people post their extreme reactions to the 13th Doctor being a female.  Both guys and gals have stated they cannot watch the series any longer because the Doctor cannot be a female.

We are talking about a character that dies every few years and regenerates as a completely different person.  Each doctor looks different than the previous. We have had tall and short, thin and husky, crazy hair and buzz cut hair Doctors over the years. The apparent age of the doctor has varied from the youthful Matt Smith to grandfather like William Hartnell.  The personalities of the Doctor vary all over the spectrum from fun loving to chaotic to dead serious to the action hero.  This character changes remarkably with every regeneration.

The Doctor is a member of the race of Time Lords.  These aliens have two hearts. When they die, they can use energy to regenerate into another version of themselves.  We have seen other times Lords change genders with regeneration.  These aliens are not human. They can change their gender with a regeneration.

Most of the reaction against the 13th Doctor being female seems to be wrapped into sexism.  I have seen people commenting that they cannot related to a female doctor. Some feel like their heroes are being changed to not be like them.

To those people, I say it is time to grow up and get over it.  Females can be great heroes just like males and maybe even better. Many of these same people stated that no one would watch a female superhero movie. With Wonder Woman’s vast success at the theater both domestically and internationally, that has been proven false.

Many people have been asking for a female Doctor for a long time.  Tom Baker mentioned the possibility of a female Doctor way back in 1980.  With more and more girls and ladies becoming fans of geeky series and movies, they are looking for a little more representation.  A female doctor will go a long way.

Don’t tell me the Doctor cannot be female because she can.  Don’t tell me that females cannot be stars of superhero or action movie because we have seen it.  Don’t tell me that a female hero cannot be written well because they are being written well in many different fandoms.

If you want to be sexist and yell about the Doctor because she is different than you are used to, you are free to do so. But I am also free to call you out on it.  Don’t be a Sexist idiot.

There are some people that don’t like the announcement of Whittaker as the next Doctor but have logical thoughts towards it.  My friend Jason doesn’t like Whittaker in other roles she has been in.  He doesn’t mind the idea of a female doctor but feels that Whittaker is the wrong choice.  He also stated he cannot express this on social media because any criticism of Whittaker’s announcement is being meet with the same hysteria as those that oppose a female doctor because she is female.  It is wrong either way. Anytime fans react extreme because they feel entitled and only their opinion matters, it is a problem.

Give the 13th Doctor a chance. She hasn’t even appeared in an episode yet. The writing for the 12th Doctor wasn’t that great at the beginning but he has won over a lot of fans.  I hope if people give Jodie Whittaker a chance, she will prove herself and may even be the favorite Doctor for some fans.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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