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My Buddy, Mr J. Christopher Wilson is reviewing some movies and series.  He has agreed for us to post his reviews here
I had to wait to see BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER until it came to streaming on Disney+. The wait was well worth it.
I purposefully ignored the articles on the film wanting to have a fresh view of it. I’m glad I did. I knew nothing going in and what I expected and what I got were very different, but the experience was rewarding.
From the first frame, WAKANDA FOREVER handled the death of T’Challa (Chadwick Bosemen) and the transition from his legacy to a new one with respect and class.
From there, the depth of story and culture continues to shine, bringing us a wonderful sequel. The pathos of the film hangs heavy on both the actors and the viewers as grief and loss continue to permeate the film creating a dynamic storyline.
As always, the action and fighting sequences act as a barrier to my wife’s enjoyment, pulling her out of the story. For me, the action punctuates the emotional heaviness giving me time to breathe. For a comic movie, I found the action sequences were muted compared to the rest of the story.
WAKANDA FOREVER impressed me. I found its lens to be vastly different from most comic movies. The immersion of culture was beautiful and gave authenticity to the film. One of the best comic movies, WAKANDA FOREVER stole my heart and mind and gave us a sequel that continues an outstanding franchise. I need to watch it again. And maybe again again.
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