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Movie Trailer: Pet Sematary

Movie Trailer: Pet Sematary

I am not a big horror fan. I have enjoyed the Occasional horror flick and book but that is not my wheel house.

I am much or a suspense, creepy, and scary fan than true horror. We all have our preferences. I do enjoy a humorous  I do enjoy the occasional watching of movies like the original Nightmare on Elm Street, Night of the Living Dead, and Army of Darkness (fantasy horror).  I would watch Alien and Aliens over and over again. Give me anything Hitchcock and I will be glued to my seat (again more suspense).

I say all of that to say, this movie version of Pet Sematary looks amazing. This looks like a good adaption of Stephen King’s novel.  King  is a master story teller in the horror and suspense genres.  Often the movies based off his novels don’t translate well on the screen.  That seems to be changing over the last few years.

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