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Movie Trailer: Halloween (2018)

Movie Trailer: Halloween (2018)

I have a confession. I am not a huge horror movie guy. If I am going to watch a horror movie, it is usually mixed with something else like Alien is mixed with Sci Fi and Army of Darkness with fantasy and comedy.  Normally, I am not a slasher movie person.

But saying that, sometimes a horror movie grabs my attention.  Halloween has done just that.  The idea that it discounts all the previous sequels and just tells the story of 40 years later from the original murders is cool.

I love that Jamie Lee Curtis returns as Laurie Strode. She is now a grandma but one that has been preparing for the day Michael would break out.  Her character’s change sorta reminds me of Sarah Connor in T2.

For fans of the original movie, this has to have them stoked.  As a non-fan, it gets me excited.

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