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Movie Trailer: Fantasy Island

Movie Trailer: Fantasy Island

My parents used to religiously watch Loveboat followed by Fantasy Island every week. I always liked Fantasy Island because it allowed people to take a look at the life they thought they wanted and usually understand why their lives were much better the way they were now.  There were some really KOOL episodes on the original run.

A few years ago, a new version of the television series came out. It was much darker and stranger.  I think they were going for a LOST vibe.  This re-imaging didn’t work.

Now we have Fantasy Island as a movie.  The trailer below shows an island paradise like from the original series but with a much darker twist.  This looks like a crazy way to make a horror movie out of an old icon television series. Saying that, Banana Splits really ran with that and it worked out.  But will Fantasy Island? I am not sure. The trailer does intrigue me but I wish it wasn’t called Fantasy Island.

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