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Movie Review: THOR

Marvel Comics continue to put out movie adaptations of their Comic Books.  Thor is the literal Norse god of Thunder. Thor is an essential piece of the Avengers, which will be out next year. Will Marvel continue to put out quality super hero movies or will Thor be stinker like Spider-Man3/ X-Men3?

About this Movie:

Thor brings Marvel’s version of Norse mythology to the screen.  Half of this movie takes place on Earth AKA Midgard and half on Asgard, home realm of the Norse gods.  The story is about Thor, his family and friends in Asgard, his banishment to Midgard, and his redemption.

What I liked about this Movie:

Chris Hemsworth was a convincing Thor.  He looked the part with the chiseled body and the golden  locks of hair and armor. He spoke as I imagined. Hemsworth brought this character to life with the persona of acting first and thinking of the consequences later.

I loved the effects of Mjolnir, Thor’s Hammer.  The inability of anyone other than Thor to lift it was perfect. The twirling of Mjolnir, having it thrown and for it to return to Thor, and bringing forth a storm was perfect.

This movie was well casted beyond just Hemsworth.  Tom Hiddleston was a fantastic Loki with his tormented and mischievous soul.  Odin came to life with the skilled performance of Anthony Hopkins.  Natalie Portman was a fine Jane Foster.  

I loved the special cameos in this movie.  I thought Jeremy Renner had a fantastic spot as Clint Barton (AKA- Hawkeye). Stan the Man Lee had a hysterical role was the driver of the pickup truck.

What I did not Like:

I only had some minor complaints about this movie.  Volstagg was not large enough.  The Warriors Three (Fandral, Volstagg, and Hogun)  and Lady Sif’s abilities and and role were too minimized.  

My Review:

This was a fun movie that brings to life the bigger than life god of Thunder. Thor is worth a full price admission for the whole family.  And the ladies might enjoy the shirtless Hemsworth.  BTW, remember to stay until after the credits like with all Marvel movies.

My Grade: A-

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