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Movie Review: Happy Halloween

Movie Review: Happy Halloween

Last Friday Night, Geeky KOOL went to the premiere of Happy Halloween. This is a movie written and directed by the amazing award-winning Brittney Greer. Brittney is a friend of Geeky KOOL. We have had her on Geeky KOOL Presents several times. We were also on a show called Titans of the Fantastic back in the day.

Brittney has always been a huge Horror movie fan. She loves the kill shots in the films.  She grew up watching the VHS and DVDs of the classic horror franchises.

This special showing of Happy Halloween included a Q&A with Brittney, final girl and lead actress Emma Reinagel, and David Watson,  Editor and Director of Cinematography.  This was an insightful and fun time for the audience to ask questions.

Happy Halloween is a film made locally in Springfield, MO.  As an independent film, it had a tight budget.  Would it translate on the big screen at the Alamo Drafthouse?

The cast for the Happy Halloween was perfect.  Emma Reinagel was an amazing final girl and star of the picture.  The rest of the cast was incredible for supporting the story. I never questioned that these local actors were anything but the characters they portrayed.

The lighting and the effects were amazing.  I swore I was watching a Hollywood film and not a local production.

Since the first day I met Brittney, many years ago, she has been talking about this movie. She had written and re-written the movies more times than I can count.  This was her baby.  All that time, effort, and sweat she invested in this story paid off in droves.  This movie was extremely well written and kept the viewers guessing all movie long.  It was an amazing horror slasher film and I don’t love these kinds of movies.  During the Q&A, someone asked what the biggest influences were for Brittney and she mentioned Scream and Wes Craven and it showed.

This movie is an incredible horror slasher film. The blood and gore weren’t too over the top. The acting was amazing.  The story sucked you right in.

I give this film an A and not because I am friends with Brittney. This film, cast, and crew completely earned the A.

Grade: A

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