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Missouri Comic Con Star Trek Panel

Missouri Comic Con Star Trek Panel

This Star Trek Panel has actors Gates McFadden, Todd Stashwick, and Michelle Hurd.  These three seemed to be having a great time. They were smiling and working the crowd the whole time.

Michelle Hurd was asked about inspirations in the Star Treck family.  She stated that Nichele Nichols is an inspiration to her.  Here was the first woman of color on a major show that wasn’t a servant.  You have the first interracial kiss on camera.

Michelle Hurd was asked about not having insurance.  She had posted during covid’s peak about not having any insurance.  Michelle that she has now bought her own insurance but it is very expensive.  Gates McFadden stated that she also doesn’t have SAG insurance but has her own.  Todd agreed he doesn’t either. The actors have to make so much money for a year before qualifying.  None of the panelists qualify for it.

When asked about working with Jeri Ryan, Michelle stated that Jeri has an infectious laugh.  They laughed a ton on the set and became good friends.

A little girl asked a question to Michelle is she had done Ballet.  Hurd’s face lit up and said he used to do ballet.  She asked the little girl to show her some different positions which she did.   Michelle asked the girl how old she was and she said three.   Michelle smiled and replied that she was 3 when she started Ballet too.  Gates McFadden replied that she started Ballet when she was 2 and half. This was an amazing relating to fans.

Gates McFadden was asked about her time working on Muppets Take Manhattan and the movie Labyrinth.  She stated it was an amazing time working on these shows and with the Muppets.  About working with the different Muppets, Gates stated “You just believe it. Kermit is in all of our lives.”  She admitted to conversations with Kermit and not Frank Oz.

McFadden was asked about working on Star Trek: Next Generation.  She stated that she took the role because Doctor Crusher was supposed to be a complex character with a son and well-rounded. There was a time when the character got lost and was just Picard’s girlfriend.  She left the show and came back and she wasn’t even that anymore.  The character did get back on track and had major growth for the Third Season of Picard.  She went on to say that the cast are all lifelong friends and they are family.

Gate McFadden went on to say that actors need to work together even in conflict.  It builds a better world.  Went on to state that today’s world needs this bad because we have become so segregated.

Todd Stashwick was asked about his arm wrestling challenges.  He stated he would arm wrestle anyone.

Todd was asked what was it like to be the person that rained on everyone’s parade in Picard.  He stated that “They were trying to take my ship and they never explain why I should let them.  He went on to stated that he was the “First Gen X captain.  He got to say whatever and have a lot of eye-rolling.”  He said not everyone can just do what the heroes want.  This is the type of stories that you want to tell.

When asked if he would have ever dreamed about his role.  He laughed and said, “Of course. Yeah that was the plan.” Then went on to say what a rare and amazing opportunity he was given.

Someone asked about Screen-writing.  All three agreed to be a good screenwriter, you have to be original and don’t chase the trends.  Don’t be a copy cat.

It was a great panel with a lot of interaction.  It is sad to think none of them make enough acting to qualify for insurance.  I am sure this part of the reason they frequent conventions so they can earn some extra money and meet the fans.

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