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Missouri Comic Con 2024- Saturday

Missouri Comic Con 2024- Saturday

Missouri Comic Con has done something that I have never seen in Springfield, MO.  They sold out of tickets for today.  By noon, they were no longer selling tickets for Saturday.  This convention was packed.

I honestly expected this convention to be busy but never this busy.  Most second-year conventions are still fairly small.  I know the big-name guests would bring in a good crowd but I was shocked by the number of people.

I had a hard time finding parking and to get a spot. There was a traffic jam around the convention center.  It was hard to get pulled into the parking garage.

Part of the challenge with parking was the long lines of people to get their bracelets to get into the convention.  Once I did park, I had to cross the street to get my Press Pass and Bracelet.  This line was about an hour long.  The line for those needing to buy tickets was much longer.

Another challenge and line was the concession stand.  The convention center only had one concession area open.  the line was huge to get food. I waited in line to get something to eat for an hour and 15 minutes.  By the end, I was getting hangry.

Those were the challenges of the day. The good news is Springfield, MO turned out for a convention in a huge way. They brought in some great guests.  I sat in two amazing panels which I will write about.  This convention was fun.

The word of the day was “Busy”.

Stay Geeky!

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