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Math Teacher uses Game of Thrones spoilers to subdue an unruly class.

Most teachers, when faced with a loud class, will assign extra homework, detention, or the principals office. This teacher took it a step farther

After trying several times to tell the class to pay attention and be quiet a math teacher came up with a new idea. He turned around to his class and asked who there had watched the HBO tv series Game of Thrones.

After realizing that almost everyone in the auditorium had raised their hand he simply told them that if they continued to be loud and distracting during class he would write the names of every person who dies in the books on the board. According to Nieuwsblad.be, he told the class “They are enough to fill the whole year and I can even describe how they die”

At first the class believed he was bluffing, but they only believed that for a moment. Due to the constant giggling of boys in the back of the class, he proceeded to write the season 3 deaths on the board. The class became silent.

After that display, no one dares to test this teacher any longer.


One thought on “Math Teacher uses Game of Thrones spoilers to subdue an unruly class.

  1. Fantastic article Tina. I love this strategy. Uses what you have to your advantage. This was a great and creative idea.

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