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Marvel’s Dead No More Images

Image via comicbook.com

Marvel teased the above image recently.  It was exclusively teased on Comicbook.com.  Tons of speculation swirled around the first image.  Who will be dead no more?  Will it be more than one person?  How long will they have been dead?  Could it be Professor X, or Mar-Vell, or Gwen Stacy?

The below image was posted.  This is clearly a Spider-Man image.  One of Spidey’s cast will be Dead No More.  It could be Uncle Ben but so much of Peter’s motivation comes from Uncle Ben’s death.  Gwen Stacy could come back but another version of her already exists with Spider-Gwen.  Doctor Octopus is a distinct possibility and his return teased in the robot’s eyes in Amazing Spider-Man #1.

Image via comicbook.com

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