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Marvel Confirms Ant-Man and Doctor Strange Movies for 2015

Image via http://www.filmbuffonline.com

In a recent interview with MTV Splashpage, Marvel’s Kevin Feige announced Ant-Man and Doctor Strange movies for 2015. They will be a part of the Marvel Waive 3 movies.  2015 will be a busy year for Marvel with the Avengers sequel being the headline movie.

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Doctor Strange has long been rumored as a Marvel movie.  It will finally make the Silver Screen in 2015.   I hope it is awesome but at least it has to be better than the 1978 Doctor Strange movie.

It will be interesting to see how Marvel handles Ant-Man.  He was an original Avenger so he is important in the Marvel History.  But he has always been a minor character in the over Marvel 616 Universe.  I am hopeful that Ant-Man will bring the Wasp with him.

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