Man of Steel Banner on Facebook

The comic book world is buzzing about the movies for summer 2012. With the Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, and Amazing Spiderman, one can see why there is excitement. Because of this anticipation, next year’s new Superman movie seems to be under the radar. The Man of Steel will open in in Theaters June 14, 2013.

The banner above was just added to the Man of Steel Facebook site.  There is only the banner above and a picture of the new Superman in his washed out tights.  I anticipate that there will be much more to come.

Superman Returns was a bit of a dud in my opinion.  The kid was an un-need nuicance to the story. Superman picking up a island of Kryptonite was completely unbelievable (even for a comic book movie).  It had some Kool moments but not enough to really like the movie.

I have hope that The Man of Steel will be much better. Superman is not one of my favorite characters (I am more of a Marvel guy) but I hope it is really good and successful. We need a good Superman movie.

But looking at the pictures out there of the costume, I am a bit skeptical.  I am an 80’s child so I love the Stone Washed look but just not for Superman’s costume.

Check out the Facebook site and see what they add in the near future.

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