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Major news concerning the Star Trek Fan Film Axanar

Major news concerning the Star Trek Fan Film Axanar

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When you mention Axanar to the Star Trek fan film community you either find yourself dealing with 1 of 2 sides…those who support Axanar and those who do not support it or its creator Alec Peters.   The 20 minute movie “Prelude to axanar” was released amid a lot of fanfare in 2014, and it looked like a 90 minute film was right around the corner(scheduled for release in 2016). Well that never happened as Alec Peters and Axanar productions was sued for copyright infringement by CBS and Paramount in December 2015. The lawsuit created “two warring camps” those who supported Alec Peters and those who supported CBS and Paramount.  Well in January 2017(a week before the trial was slated to begin), the case was settled.  The settlement allowed for Axanar to be made in accordance with the new fan film guidelines, with some exceptions such as professional actors could be used.

Well 2017 saw Alec Peters and Axanar productions move cross country from California to a suburb of Atlanta Georgia and the move allowed Alec Peters to tap into the growing film community in Georgia.  This move along with the settlement brought a new direction(the script needed to be pared down from 90 minutes to two 15 minute segments) and the addition of noted Marvel Comic writer Paul Jenkins to help “clean up” the script.

As 2018 rolled around one of the biggest questions being asked was “what is up with Axanar”?  Not much news was being put forth and most people except for either ardent supporters, or ardent detractors had moved on, chalking up Axanar as simply another failed crowd funding venture.

Today, courtesy of Star Trek Fan Film Blogger Jonathan Lane and his EXCELLENT website WWW.FanFilmFactor.com we got the first half of an interview with Axanar Producer Alec Peters(who I interviewed for GeekyKool in May,2017). In this interview Alec started getting us caught up on the behind the scenes happenings with Axanar(including the fact that it is moving forward slowly).

The first big piece of news shared was that the two episodes slated to be filmed have secured a new Director, and it is a rather big name in the comic book industry.  Paul Jenkins who helped save Marvel Comics in the late 90’s, and went on to write Wolverine Origins, has agreed to step up into the directors chair, and helm the shoot. Paul has written, directed and produced multiple animated movies, Paul’s complete bio is located at IMDB.com https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1286111/

paul Jenkins on the unfinished bridge of the USS Ares


Now before Paul took the reins the directors chair was offered to a well known fan film guy…Bing Bailey. Bing worked on Prelude to Axanar as the DIT(digital image technician), and while he was to busy to take the “big chair”, he will be listed as a producer/DIT/Colorist(the same thing he did on Prelude).  He has done this work for notable Star Trek fan films like Star Trek Renegades, Star Trek New Voyages and the tv series Blade of Honor. Here is Bing’s IMDB page https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3729709/

Bing Bailey

Also announced is the return of Mark Edward Lewis as the sound editor. Another alumni of Prelude and many other fan films,  Marks IMDB page might be one of the longest I have ever seen, with so many categories and credits, it is a wonder he has any free time at all.


Mark Edward Lewis

Alec also teased that a producer has been lined up, as well as other behind the scenes crew, and talks are underway with most of the actors from Prelude to Axanar to reprise their roles(with the exception of Tony Todd, and Richard Hatch RIP).

There is no set date for filming yet, but Fall 2018 is the planned time frame. The big set piece(USS Ares bridge) still has some work to be done on it, but finishing that out, is being discussed among a group of committed volunteers, and plans are in the works to complete the impressive set this summer.

360 degree USS Ares Bridge

This was all the news in part one of the interview….Tomorrow Jonathan and Alec touch upon the “biggest” question of them all….What the Heck is taking so damn long?

If you want to read and comment on the entire interview visit Jonathan’s excellent site at https://fanfilmfactor.com/2018/06/18/major-axanar-news-interview-with-alec-peters-part-1/

Jonathan blogs about Trek fan films, his son Jayden, and what ever else he thinks is “relevant”.  Although we never have met in person, I consider him(And Alec Peters) to be a good friend.  Heck reading his blog has helped me become a better writer and contributor here at Geekykool.com

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