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Logan At The Movies Joins Geeky KOOL

Via Facebook

Back in what seems like a previous life, I was a high school counselor. One of my student aides was Logan Hickman. I wouldn’t have thought that life might bring things back around and I would get to work with him once again. I am excited to announce that Logan Hickman has joined the staff of Geeky KOOL as a staff writer. His expertise is movie reviews. He has a Facebook page, Logan At the Movies.

When my wife and I were deciding on names for our son, we decided on Logan. When you work in education, there are a list of names that you will not chose because you had a student with that name. There are other names that bring found memories and think very positive thoughts about the name because of a student. Logan not only has some inspiration from Wolverine and Logan’s Run but Logan Hickman was such a positive young man, I was happy to give my son his first name.

Stay Geeky My Friends!


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