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latest Star Trek Fan film Production review “Command and Conquer”

latest Star Trek Fan film Production review “Command and Conquer”

Star Trek has one of the widest range of fan film productions in all of science fiction. While Star Trek tried to show humanity had evolved into a “more noble” time when it came to the treatment of others, it also had its dark side, “A mirror universe” where the normal good and evil roles were reversed, and the Federation was ruthless and violent.

It is only fitting that Trek Fan Film Productions ventured into this mirror universe, and had some of our best loved fan film characters show “their dark side”, and act in ways that we wouldn’t expect. Today we got to see the events that led up to last months release “Dark Glimmer” as the crews of the Starship Valiant and Dreadnought Dominion joined together to bring us the 9 minute short film “Command and Conquer”.

Engineer Minard played by Vance Major Owen(last seen in the origin story “Minard”) is at his ruthless best in this short film. While only on screen for a few scenes towards the end, he shows that he is the evil genius pulling the strings, and making sure the plans set in motion on Dominion go the way he expects them to.  Gary Davis who plays Captain Jason Brousseau is the focus of the first 2/3rds of the film as he takes over command of the dreadnought Dominion and has to decide which of his 2 senior Commanders will be his new first officer, going as far as musing the fight for the position, with the loser getting a burial in space. This is exactly what is expected from the mirror universe where treachery is rewarded and “being nice to people” usually means you won’t be among the living for very long.

This fan film is both fast paced, and dark. It is a worthy addition to the Trek Fan Film universe, and I highly recommend viewing it more than once.

4 out of 5 stars.

One thought on “latest Star Trek Fan film Production review “Command and Conquer”

  1. Well Vance Major definitely pulls off the evil Minard persona quite well it’s like that the role he was meant for or he just enjoys showing his dark side. As for the story started well and was getting more intriguing and then like poof done with nothing but questions like Minards plan what is it. And Mirror Bishop not a Captain but a blue shirt what happened there. Well hopefully the plan will be revealed next time, but in the mean time I think I will find an agonizer and wait.


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