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Kristen Stewart as Batgirl Rumors Keep Swirling

Kristen Stewart as Batgirl Rumors Keep Swirling

There are tons of rumors who will be the new Batman.  I have about heard it all.  Everything from Oscar Isaac to Armie Hammer to Steven Yeun to Michael B. Jordan.  

But the Batgirl rumors have been consistent.  The studio wants someone like Kristen Stewart to be Batgirl.  In fact, their number 1 pick would be Kristen Stewart as Batgirl.  This has been the rumor since November 2018.

I don’t really understand why they want Stewart.  I am not a fan.  Her take on sparkling vampires was horrible.  I have never seen her in anything that I thought she made the movie even decent.  

If the studio wants Stewart, then she must have some movie or traits I don’t know about.  I am sure they wouldn’t just pick her because she is a known name. Or would they?  

It is still early out and we are only dealing with rumors.  

For me, Batgirl is the most relatable member of the Bat-Family.  I have always loved her character.  Her flowing red locks are a plus for me (#GingerLover).

Would I see a Kristen Stewart Batgirl movie?  Ummm … probably not.  On the other hand, could it be worse that Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl?  Maybe? 

What do I know, I doubted that Michael Keaton could be Batman in 1989. I have been wrong before.  Bat-Wrong.

Stay Geeky!

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