Kickstarter: Listen to the Thunder (Horror Comic)

I love a good Kickstarter project.  Listen to the Thunder is more than that.  It is an awesome and KOOL new comic book project from local creators in Springfield, MO.  This horror comic brings back the badness and intensity of werewolves like we haven’t seen in years.

Listen to the Thunder  is written by Kevin Watkins.  My friend, Adam McLaughlin, is the fantastic artist on it.  Chris Annen is the creative director.  They are Lunch Box Press.

Check out their Kickstarter project.  They were asking for $3000.00 to print this comic.  On the first day, they have surpassed it.  But they can still your your support financially and with shout outs on social media and talk around the water cooler.  Get in on this project while it is on the ground level.

Listen to the Thunder is a black and white horror comic series exploring werewolf tribes throughout generations. The first story arc is about one particular werewolf tribe that preys upon small midwestern town. (Kickstarter)

Check out the video below.  I think you will agree how Geeky and KOOL this really is.


Stay Geeky My Friends!

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