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Batman and Wonder Woman reunite to battle the evil Steppenwolf (voiced by Ciarán Hinds) a completely CGI villain, who, if allowed to capture three powerful boxes and combine them together, can destroy the world. Three newbie’s recruited to fight on our side are Aquaman, played by Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher’s Cyborg and The Flash, played by Jimmy Fallon look alike Ezra Miller. These five form the Justice League.

As for Superman Well, at the start of “Justice League”, the Man of Steel is dead, following the events at the end of “Batman v. Superman”. Henry Cavill’s Superman does make a dramatic return but that’s not till later in the film. There was no way a Justice League movie could be made without the Man of Steel.

This is director Zack Snyder’s 3rd DC Extended Universe installment; just like “The Avengers” there is plenty of action and comedic undertones. That is likely due to Joss Whedon stepping in for re-shoots as Snyder left the production following the death of his daughter. The re-shoots apparently account for 20% of the movie. Along the way Cavill was shooting “Mission: Impossible 6” with a full mustache, since he was not allowed to shave it “Justice League” digital team had to remove it, they do a decent job but its still oblivious.

J.K. Simmons’ Commissioner Gordon only gets a couple scenes and they are very brief. Amy Adams, Jeremy Irons and Diane Lane all return, but they’re screen time is dramatically reduced.

My only problem is with the visual effects the green screen usage is heavy and obvious. Some were comparing it to 2011’s “Green Lantern”, which many have hailed it as the cheesiest looking superhero movie of all time. While the green screen is plentiful I still enjoyed both movies.

While critics continue to bash these films apart from “Wonder Woman” and the fact they aren’t making nearly as much as their Marvel counterparts. DC keeps swinging: We’ll get an Aquaman solo movie next year (Momoa provides plenty of attitude here) and a highly-anticipated “Wonder Woman” sequel in 2019. Cyborg is set to get his own film in 2020 and “Shazam” and, yes, “Green Lantern Corps.” is also in development.

Affleck’s future as Batman is currently in question. Wonder Women tells him at one point, “You can’t keep doing this forever.” Matt Reeves who was last attached to direct “The Batman” has stated he does have a 2nd choice for the character in case things don’t go as planned.

Rated PG-13 for sequences of sci-fi violence and action

This one is not as dark as the previous installments the violence has been scaled back a lot here. There is quite a bit of mild language and as for the sensuality apart from the few brief shots of the Amazonians in bikini looking armor and one scene with Woderwoman herself showing a fair amount of cleavage this movie could have easily been given a PG rating


check out this link its interesting how similar 1st DC/MARVEL team up movies are.


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