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Hilarious Windows Phone 8 Ad Gets It

Hilarious Windows Phone 8 Ad Gets It

Hilarious Windows Phone 8 Add Gets It
I ran across an ad for the Windows Phone 8 Lumia 920 today that has captured the ongoing hostilities between smartphone users, namely iPhone and Android. It’s definitely a funny ad, but I appreciate the insight it offers just as much as I do the humor.

As a Windows Phone user for a little over two years now, I’ve been pretty surprised at the amount of hostility I’ve gotten from others over my phone choice. I’ve had a fair number of people express to me how much better their iPhones and Androids are than my phone, and even recently had an AT&T sales person tell me how bad of a choice an upgrade to a new Windows Phone 8 device would be when I told her I was looking at purchasing a Lumia 920. At that moment I was showing her my Windows Phone 7 device and expressing how much I liked it, but that did nothing to hinder her expression of bitterness towards the Windows Phone platform. That same evening, I also listened to another employee giving false information to an older couple to steer them clear of Windows Phone just so they could steer them toward purchasing their personal favorite.

The thing is, iPhones and Androids are great, but so are Windows Phones. There really isn’t one phone that is superior above all others, as they each have strengths and features that appeal to different people. For example, with my most recent phone upgrade, I was between the Lumia 920 (running Windows Phone 8) and the Galaxy S3 (running Android). The Galaxy S3 has a lot more apps and is much more customizable, but the Lumia 920 has a camera and interface that appeals to me much more. I’m not as concerned about missing a couple of apps that I might use every now and then as I am about how much I enjoy my every day experiences using my phone. I’m also not terribly concerned with crazy customization as it would just be another distraction that I’d find myself playing with all the time.  In the end, the Lumia 920 won out with it’s Windows Phone 8 interface and amazing camera. I’ve been very, very happy with my purchase.

All that said, the below ad does a great job of capturing the hostility that surrounds iPhone vs. Android vs. everything else, and on top of that it’s very entertaining. If this ad sparks any thoughts for you, then let us know what you think in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Hilarious Windows Phone 8 Ad Gets It

  1. To each their own on phones. I am a supporter of finding what is best for each person. I love to give a hard time to my iPhone friends but it is not really hostility but rather teasing.

    1. I’m with you on that. Some of my friends and I will give each other a hard time here and there, all in good fun.

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