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Heroes, Villains, and Me: Top 10 DC Characters That Should Be TV Shows

Heroes, Villains, and Me: Top 10 DC Characters That Should Be TV Shows

“Heroes, Villains, and Me” is a periodic article on Geeky KOOL by Larry Litle about the world of comic books and my reaction to it. “Heroes, Villains, and Me” is not a comic book review article. I will write about current events, speculation and rumors, or my own wacky thoughts about the world of comic books and related stuff.

This is part two of this series. The first part focused on Marvel characters/teams that should be made into television shows.  This second part is about DC characters/teams that should be made into television shows.  We have seen a ton of success from both DC and Marvel with their characters on television.

I didn’t include characters already in the movies or on television series so no spin off characters which was difficult since DC likes to have a squad of heroes on each of their series.  I didn’t list any characters/group, that have a series in the works like The Titans and Black Lightning (both would have made my list).

Image via DC Database – Wikia

10) Doom Patrol
Who? The Doom Patrol is group of super powered misfits.  Their specials gifts alienated them instead of bringing hope to others.  They were dubbed “World’s Strangest Heroes”.  The original Doom Patrol team included the Chief, mad scientist leader and the cause of the trauma to each member, Robotman, the brain of the daredevil Cliff Steele in the robot body, Elasti-Girl, exposed to strange vapors that granted her the ability to alter her size at will,  and Negative Man, pure energy by leaving his body as a black electrical-like silhouette form.

Why? There has never been a superhero team like Doom Patrol.  Each member of this team was traumatized by the Chief and then went to work for him because the world would not accept them.  They view themselves as complete outsiders that still do all they can do to save the world.

Where?  This is definitely a streaming series like Netflix

Image via dickgrayzon.tumblr.com

9) Mr Miracle and Big Barda
Who? This couple appears to be a normal couple in Suburbia but they actually come from the Fourth World of the New Gods/ Darkseid realm. The Fourth World will be introduced in the Justice League movie with the evil Darkseid.  Big Barda is a super strong and powerful former bad guy turned good.  Mr Miracle is a master escape artist along with having numerous other super abilities.

Why? Mr Miracle and Big Barda is a couple comedy in suburbia with their friend Oberon living with them.  They put away the everyday drama and pick up the tights to save the world.  It could be a blast to see heroes in a completely other settings.

Where? This show is Taylor made for ABC


image via DC Database – Wikia

8) Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld
Who?  Amy Winston, 13 year old girl on Earth, discovers that she is the orphaned princess of the magical Gemworld.  She is given the ability to travel to her home world, Gemworld.  In Gemworld, she appears as an adult.  She is a powerful magic-user and sword-wielding hero.

Why? This is a fun female power character. The setting is on a mystical other fantasy world. This coming of age tale could be a fun for the whole family series.  Fantasy stories like Amethyst are extremely popular shows. 

Where? I could see it on Netflix as a family friendly series like A Series of Unfortunate Events. 

7) The Question
Who? This mysterious hero wears a Pseudoderm (false skin) mask and a long trench coat.  He is a detective solving mysteries on the hard streets.  He outwits criminals with his mind and fear.

Why? This is an old time Noir type of street hero.  He fights for good but doesn’t pull his punches.  He is very vulnerable and he only functions well in the cover of night.  It would be a dark adventure story.

Where? This dark series would need a cable network, pay tv, or a streaming service.


Image via comicbook.com

6) Elongated Man

Who? His power of stretching are like those of Mr Fantastic or Plastic Man or Elastic Girl.  His character is very different from these three.  Ralph Dibny is a master detective.  He uses his special powers to solve mysteries.  At one time he traveled the United States in a convertible with his wife solving mysteries on his way and occasionally bumping into other DC heroes.

This would be another detective hero but the extreme opposite of the Question. 

Why? Can you imagine the retro feel to a traveling couple solving crimes. It is so 1960s and 1970s.  Having them do this with Ralph’s special abilities would be even KOOLer.

Where? This would be niche show. It would need cable TV or streaming for it to last past 3 episodes


5) All Star Squadron

Who?  The All Star Squadron is a Superhero team of World War II generation.  There are numerous characters to pick a team.  I would love to see Robotman, Liberty Bell, Johnny Quick, Amazing Man, Firebrand and many more.

Why? I love series set during World War II.  There are tons of Nazi based bad guys for them to fight.  This could be an awesome historical fiction series.  This is a KOOL team that works directly for FDR.

Where?  It could work anywhere but I believe it would be best as a streaming series.

Image via Youtube

4) Blue Beetle and Booster Gold

Who? Blue Beetle and Booster Gold are the bosom buddies of DC Comics.  Think Odd Couple with slap stick superhero humor.  Ted Kord, aka Blue Beetle, is a rich genius-level inventor and a gifted athlete with a ton of Beetle themed equipment, similar to Batman.  Michael Jon Carter was born in 25th century Gotham City, stole 25th Century tech and a security android Skeets to time travel to the past (our present) to become  glory-seeking showboat hero to get rich.  After teaming up, Kord and Carter become quick friends.

Why? This would be a guy buddy series with a lot of crazy antics.  These two character share a love for wise cracking but the core of their personalities couldn’t be further apart.

Where? Definitely a streaming service series.  Too niche to be on network TV.

3) Ambush Bug

Who?  Ambush Bug is crazy and weird but yet beloved DC Comics character.  He is a pseudo hero with a green bug suit that gives him the power to teleport.  Irwin Schwab found this suit and put it and cannot take it off.  Ambush Bug has the ability to break the 4th wall and talk to the audience (like Deadpool but has been around before Deadpool).  It is suspected that he is crazy and none of this might be real.

Why?  This is a purely wacky and comical series.  Ambush Bug’s arch-enemy is  “Argh!Yle!”, an argyle sock with a Doctor Doom-like complex, complete with metal mask.  This craziness would be an awesome fun ride that doesn’t take itself serious at all.

Where? We don’t get more niche than Ambush Bug.  This is definitely a streaming series.

2) Legion of Super-Heroes
Who? Check out the characters above in the picture.  It is truly a Legion of characters.  The Legion of Super-Heroes is a group of teens from various planets from the United Planets collision of world during the 30th/31st Century.  Heroes haven’t been needed in centuries but these youngsters aspire to the heroes of the 20th/21st Century.

They have auditions every year for new heroes to join their ranks.

Why?  This Hero team is a huge part of the DC Universe. It would be difficult to due justice for a team this big with a movie.  On an ongoing television series, you could learn about the different characters and develop this awesome team.

Where? This show could work on Network TV like the CW but might be better on Cable TV or a streaming service.


Image via modernmythologies.wordpress.com

1) Legion of Substitute Heroes

Who?  This team is from the same time frame as the above mentioned Legion of Super-Heroes.  These heroes don’t have the awesome abilities of the Legion characters. These are second tier characters that were rejected from the Legion for membership.

Color Kid can change the color of anything.  Polar Boy can freeze things but cannot control what or how much it freezes. Chlorophyll Kid can stimulate plant growth in the matter of seconds.  Infectious Lass gets people sick.  Stone Boy can petrify his body. Night Girl has super strength but only in the dark.  This ragtag team has a lot of heart and can be very funny.

Why? This show would be a awesome as a spin off from the Legion. These characters are too good not to get their own series.

Where?  Wherever you place Legion of Super-Heroes, this show should be on the same Network/Streaming service.

Well that is my list.  Check out both lists and give us feedback. What did we leave out?  What should be removed from the list?  Tell us why you are right and convince us.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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