Heroes, Villains, and Me: The Atom- TV vs Comics

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Image via EW
Image via EW

CW’s Arrow has introduced a bunch of heroes and villains from the DC Universe. They helped spawn the CW’s The Flash. The DC Television Universe is expanding rapidly and overall they are doing a good job.

Some of the characters are very close to their DC comic book characters. Other characters are very different from the original comic book version. Ray Palmer aka the Atom is not even close to the same guy from the comic books.

Ray Palmer is a physicist and professor in the comics. He doesn’t have much money but a great mind for science. On Arrow, he is a rich Entrepreneur who plays with science on his spare time from buying corporations.

The comic book Ray was always a little focused on his science experiments and projects like Reed Richards. He has never been the absent minded from Arrow.

The Atom of the comics doesn’t have a set of armor.  He wears typical superhero tights.  His tights do have a special belt with the power of the White Dwarf Star.  It is not a set of armor and he can’t fly.

Image via dc.wikia.com
Image via dc.wikia.com

His power is to shrink to any size with the power of the White Dwarf Star. He can shirk so small that he can ride the electrons through a phone line to travel quickly from one place to another.

On Arrow, The Atom is really an absent minded Iron Man knock off.  On the second to last episode of Arrow season 3, it was very apparent when the Atom took down the plane with his armor.  He doesn’t have the charisma or personality of Tony Stark or of the Atom from the comics.

I know this character is in development. He will get a lot more screen time with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.  Maybe his character will develop and become the warrior hero from the comics.  Maybe.  But so far, I am not impressed.

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