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Heroes, Villains, and Me: How to Save “The Batman” movie

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I said this originally on Facebook as a joke.  But the more I thought about it, there is truth in it.  How does DC and Warner Brothers save the defunct (script re-writes, director changes, cast problems) “The Batman” movie from itself?  You have to look back to the 1989 Batman movie for the answer.

Yes, you could bring back Michael Keaton as Batman.  He has proven himself over and over in the genre.  The Birdman was a fantastic movie. His version of the Vulture was the brightest spot in my favorite movie of the year, Spider-Man: Homcoming.  He could step right in if Ben Affleck decides he was done.  Depending on the reports you read, Affleck is every going to be Batman for the next 50 years or he wanted out after BVS. If he wants out, Keaton would be the man.

But this really has nothing to do with my thoughts.  I love Jack’s Joker but I don’t think he could reprise that role and help this film.  No, it isn’t about the actors at all.

The story and plot are important. It needs to be written well and tell a great story like Wonder Woman did. A remake of the 89 classic really won’t work for this new DC Entertainment Universe.  They need to tell a good story in their universe but doesn’t end with “Marthaaaaa!!!!!”

No, what this movie needs is an enema!  Oh that isn’t right.  No, not that.  But it definitely could you use some awesome quotable lines.  You know the kinds of lines that I will be saying for years and years as I re-watch the movie over and over and quote it to my friends. Quotable lines is a wonderful thing about the original 89 Batman.  Because without the awesome lines, “where is the Batman?  He is at home washin his tights!”

But what can really save “The Batman” is Prince music. That is right. They need some quirky Prince songs to make this movie groove.  The soundtrack to the original Batman 89 movie had some crazy music by Prince but it really worked.  It pulled you out of the movie and then immersed you right back into it. The music synced with the insanity of the Joker.

Prince was a musical genius. He was a talented musician on the keyboardist, bassist, and drummer.  He was one of the greatest guitar players of all time. His vocal range was amazing. He was an original and awesome songwriter and creator.  He did it all during his lengthy career. He was truly one of the greats and he made Batman 89 even better.

There are several Prince song I will recommend to be used in The Batman to add some flare to this film. Kiss is an amazing song.   I can see it used in a chase scene where Batman is pursuing a bad guy.  U Got That Look is such a fun song.  I could see it playing in the background for Bruce entertaining at Wayne Manor.  Controversy is one of those really interesting funky songs that would really work thrown in the right spots. I have no idea where to place but should be in The Batman.  Let’s Go Crazy would be such a great song for a Harley and/or Joker scene.  Of course, if you are going to the well to use Prince music in “The Batman”, you have to use both Partyman and Batdance as a part of this movie.  It would be more than a tribute. It would be nostalgia on the best level.

There is a few awesome but inappropriate songs that could make the “R Rated” version of the movie.  We won’t go into those right now but many of you are already guessing.

Tell me what you think?  Should they add some Prince music to this movie? If so, what are your recommendation?  Let us know in the comments.

Stay Geeky My Friends and if you have to go, Go with a Smile!

2 thoughts on “Heroes, Villains, and Me: How to Save “The Batman” movie

  1. U Got That Look – first time he meets Catwoman (or Joker….. but that’s me being cute)

    1999 – a party Villain A (whichever film they go with) busts in on. Let’s make it a retro party, playing in the background.

    Doves Cry – Whenever the normal love interest of the movie leaves him because secrets. It he really loved this one (a la James Bond with his new love interest every movie)

    1. All great thoughts and songs Elena. I considered each of the three and each with very valid ways to use them. I really like where you went with U Got That Look. I had put it in and then traded it out of my list.

      I also considered Little Red Corvette in some sort of chase season.

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