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Heroes, Villains, and Me: Female Superheroes

“Heroes, Villains, and Me” is a periodic article on Geeky KOOL by Larry Litle about the world of comic books and my reaction to it. “Heroes, Villains, and Me” is not a comic book review article. I will write about current events, speculation and rumors, or my own wacky thoughts about the world of comic books.

Historically, female superheroes haven’t received the respect of their male counter points. When Wonder Woman joined the Justice Society of America back in the 40s, she was regulated to be the secretary. They didn’t care that Wonder Woman was just as Powerful as Superman. They saw her first as a female.

It doesn’t help that many of the female superhero characters have just been versions of the their male counter points.  Supergirl, Batgirl, Spider-Woman, Hawkgirl, and numerous other females heroes are based off the male heroes.

Over the years, female superheroes became more accepted in comics by other heroes. They became a welcome part of the team in all the team books. The male heroes realized that these ladies could kick as much super villain butt as they could.

It took a while for readers to accept these heroines. Eventually most readers enjoyed these ladies in their team books like Avengers, Justice League, Legion of Superheroes, and X-Men.

The sales of female character comics has been much lower than male lead comics over the years. Wonder Woman has been the exception to this and even her comic has had times of low sales.

I have always had a love for good female superhero comics.  I started by reading The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl in the early 80s.  I fell in love with Supergirl. She has all the powers of Superman but an emotional vulnerability that Superman never had.  Her insecurity made her an awesome character for a kid who was full of insecurities.

Over the years, I discovered that I really loved good female superhero comics.  Back in the day, I was laughed at by other male geeks for liking those “chick books: like Black Widow.  I didn’t really care what some other guy had to say. They were just stupid for thinking guys could only read comics about male heroes.  I loved the comics that I loved and didn’t look back.

Today, most of my monthly comics are female hero comics.  All of them are awesome and if you haven’t checked these out, you should.  I am currently reading Black Widow, Ms Marvel, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel,  and Hawkeye.

I am not shy to say, I love well written Female Superhero Comics! If you haven’t given them a chance, open your mind and check them out.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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