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Heroes, Villains, and Me: Con Tired

Heroes, Villains, and Me: Con Tired

“Heroes, Villains, and Me” is a periodic article on Geeky KOOL by Larry Litle about the world of comic books and my reaction to it. “Heroes, Villains, and Me” is not a comic book review article. I will write about current events, speculation and rumors, or my own wacky thoughts about the world of comic books and related stuff.

I love comic and geek conventions.  I enjoy every moment of a good convention.  It doesn’t matter if it has a focus on comics or entertainment.  It doesn’t matter if it a large convention like Planet Comicon Kansas City or Visioncon.  Conventions are awesome but they are exhausting.

I just finished back to back conventions with Planet Comicon Kansas City two weekends ago and Visioncon last weekend.  It was a complete blast.  Yet it was still completely draining.  I am so glad I attended both of them but yet still regret it on a level.

Since Sunday, I have been running on fumes.  I come home worn down.  I desire to post about my experiences at Visioncon and Planet Comicon Kansas City but I have been unable to focus to write.  My mind and body are not actively responding to my will power like it used to do.

I know I will bounce back.  I am not sure when. This weekend is a busy weekend so there will be no rest for the weary.  I hope to get a little rest even with a house full of guests.

As much as I loved Planet Comicon Kansas City and Visioncon, I don’t think I will do back to back conventions again. I don’t feel like I am giving my best. I am walking around like a zombie.

Geek conventions are wonderful and fatiguing.

Stay Geeky My Friends!


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