Heroes, Villains, and Me: Batman V Superman Apathy

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Today is Thursday, March 24, 2016.  DC’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in theaters tonight and tomorrow.  Friends of mine are heading out to see it tonight.  I plan on seeing this movie this weekend or maybe early next week.  It is rare for me not to see a superhero movie during the opening 24 hours.

I have plenty of excuses why I am not seeing the movie tonight or tomorrow.  I already had plans for tomorrow night.  My allergies are kicking my butt.  I can see it at a different time and save some money.  All of these things are true but honestly, I am just not excited for this movie.

I have always been more of a Marvel guy than a DC.  I love the Marvel movies because I am fonder of the characters.  I also love the humor they infuse in the right moments of their movies.  I can’t wait to see Captain America: Civil War.

I still love numerous DC Comic characters and comics.  My father is a huge DC Comic fan.  I grew up reading his Silver Age and Bronze Age DC Comics.  Comics like the old JLA, JSA, Legion of Super Heroes, and All Star Squadron were some I loved.

My apathy for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is not just a Marvel versus DC thing. I think it mostly stems from the Man of Steel movie and the previews for this movie.

Man of Steel was so dark and grim.  I joke that it was a decent Batman movie because it didn’t feel like a Superman movie to me.  It felt like a Batman movie.  I get the same feeling from the previews of Batman V Superman.  Zack Snyder only seems to make dark and grim movies.

Superman has never been one of my favorite comic heroes.  He is just too powerful with too many powers.  But there is one thing I have always loved about Superman.  He is a beacon of light and hope.  He brings out the best in others.  He is the example of how things should be done.  This is very different than Batman’s dark nature that does what has to be done.

In Man of Steel, Superman wasn’t a beacon of hope.  He was the guy who did what had to be done.  The motivation for his actions was very Batman like. It looks like we will get the Dark Knight vs a super powered Dark Knight.  That is not very appealing to me.  This is not my Superman.

This is the heart of my BVS Apathy.  I still want to see this movie but mainly to see Wonder Woman and how it sets up a Justice League movie.

I am not totally down on this movie.  I hope it will have some bright spots.  I am hopeful that the previews don’t do this movie Justice (see what I did there?).  If the fighting between Bats and Supes stops a 1/3 of the way through and they find the best in each other while teaming up with Wonder Woman, then I would be delighted.

I am sure this movie will have really KOOL action and special effects.  I trust the plot will be decent.  I know I won’t hate this movie.  But will it wow me and make me wish I have never written this article?  I hope it does.  I really want to love Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.  But right now I am pessimistic and apathetic about it.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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