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Henry Cavill OUT as Superman and The Witcher

Henry Cavill OUT as Superman and The Witcher

It has been an emotional few months for Henry Cavill and for his fans.  Earlier in the year, Cavill stated he was out as Superman but not to give up hope.  Suddenly later in the year we hear that Cavill is coming back as Superman and he appeared in Black Adam.  News quickly broke that Cavill stepped down as The Witcher for season 4.  After a meeting with the new CEOs of DC Films, James Gunn and Peter Safran.

It appeared Cavill was expecting to be very busy as Superman.  He was setting aside time to make room for a huge project.  He has been a extremely busy actor with Superman, The Witcher, Sherlock Holmes, and tons of other characters.  Now Cavill will no longer be Superman nor Geralt of Rivia.


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Many fans are very upset with Gunn and Safran for this changing of the guard.  Personally, I understand it and think it could be a great thing for DC Films.

Now let me step back. I am not a Cavill hater.  He is an amazing actor and a true geek.  He knows Superman and Geralt.  He seems to be a great guy.  I would love to hang out with him.

I am not a fan of his Superman.  I know, Heresy according to many fellow Geeks.  I didn’t really like Man of Steel. It was mostly because of the story but none of the Characters except Zod seemed to be right. They were all off kilter including Clark/ Superman. I don’t blame Cavill for this.  Batman V Superman was a mess and YUCK on that version of Superman.  I never thought I would see Superman act like he was Batman but we did.  I enjoyed the Superman from the Justice League movie much more. Overall, didn’t love this Superman.

With the change of many if not all of the characters, this will allow Safran and Gunn’s vision of the new DC Films Universe to grow.  I know it hurts many fans to see some of their favorite characters changing again.  Fans are still hoping for the return of the Snyderverse but it isn’t happening.

According to Variety, even after the news of Cavill being out as Superman with DC Films, Netflix will continue with Liam Hemsworth as Geralt going forward.

Stay Geeky!

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