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Happy Halloween from Geeky KOOL

Happy Halloween from Geeky KOOL

Today is Halloween.  It is a fun day to dress up and pretend to be other people, other things, or anything fun.  Kids dress up and go door to door to get a loot of candy.   It is a celebration of Autumn and the harvest with pumpkins, haybales, and fall colors.  Well, it is normally but this isn’t a normal year.

2020 has been anything but normal. COVID 19 has surged in certain areas.  Lots of families are anxious about taking their kids out trick or treating or even trunk or treat.  A lot of adult parties have been canceled because of social distancing or if not canceled then moved way back.  The fall harvest or Halloween community celebrations have been canceled by many place.  No, it isn’t normal at all.

The world is full of lots of anxieties and many of the anxieties are very justified.  This year, if you go out to celebrate or trick or treat, please be considerate of others.  Many people who traditionally do participate, will not this year.  Other will be making consolidations in an attempt to keep people save.  We are all in this together and we are all trying to do the best we can.  It is not the year to egg or TP someone’s house because they didn’t give out candy.  This year we should all be a bit more understanding.

Stay Geeky and Spooky on the Unusual Halloween.

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