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Happy Birthday Stan Lee and Nichelle Nichols

Today is the birthday of two of geekdom’s great pioneers.  Happy Birthday to both Stan Lee and Nichelle Nichols.

Image via celebritynetworth.com
Image via celebritynetworth.com

Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols played  the Enterprise’s communication officer, Lieutenant Uhura.  This role was the first major role for an African America Woman on television.  Not only did she have a major role on the series but she was a person of authority and rank.  Her kiss with Captain Kirk during the episode, Plato’s Stepchildren, was the first interracial kiss on American Television.  Today, Nichelle turns 81 years of age.

Stan Lee is an iconic comic book creator and editor.  Stan helped bring Marvel out of shadows to a place of prominence.  He created and co-created comic characters who had personal problems and flaws including my favorite, Peter Parker.  He established a new way of writing and drawing comics called the “Marvel Method”.  Happy 91st Birthday to Stan Lee.

I hope that both Nichelle and Stan have a fantastic birthday today.  May we be graced with both of their presence for a many years to come.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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