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Geeky KOOL Presents: Next Gen Role Players – Ep. 5

Geeky KOOL Presents: Next Gen Role Players – Ep. 5

Our Next Gen Role Players continue on their adventure. In this episode, the group takes on a party of goblins that attack the town. They take care of business and save the town. But they realize, there is other goblins still out there. The party is split and the adventure continues while one of their strongest adventurers heads bed.

Join our young adventurers as they continue on their journey navigating the world of D&D for the first time. Azana Brooknay, Noenark Erangel, TeraNix, and Yorrinn Drilmac have just begun their quest.

GeekyKOOL Presents: Next Gen Role Players

Watch and listen as DM Larry Litle teaches 9 to 14 year olds how to play D&D. From character building to learning just how to role play, these kids are about to begin the adventure of a life time.

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