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Geeky Jeopardy at Oz-Con

Geeky Jeopardy at Oz-Con

I have loved Jeopardy since it Alex Trebek took it over in 1984.  I had a wild hair to create my own Jeopardy like Answers and Questions and create a panel where we would play Geeky Jeopardy.

I gave the Amber and Bree this idea a couple months ago.  But I hadn’t considered the work that I would have to do to create the Answers.  It sent me down so many rabbit trails but it is fun work.  I used Jeopardy Labs site and it incredible.

We had six contestants to sign up for Geeky Jeopardy at the Geeky KOOL/ Geeky Girlness table.  Because there were six, we had two different games. Our own Mandy Collins and Keith Moncrief were two of the contestants.

The first game had veteran knowledgeable contestants including Keith and Mandy. It was a hard contest but Keith pulled out the victory.  I believe they all had fun.

The second game had three younger people who didn’t have as much experience with all of the geek categories nor with trivia.  This group seemed to have fun but were not as adept at playing Geeky Jeopardy.

Thanks to A.J., we had amazing gifts to give out to our winners.  Actually, let me change that.   A.J. provided prizes for all of the contestants.  The winners got incredible prizes.

Because things went so well, I believe this will be the first Geeky Jeopardy but definitely not the last.  Keith encouraged me to  perform this at other conventions too.  I will be looking into that possibility.

This Panel was a ton of fun for the audience watching, the contestants, and for me.

Stay Geeky!

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