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Geeky Bleach Shirts-DIY

IngredientsTrace it!Line up your designStick em up!Batman designCardboard
Spray away!All done!Harry, Batman and TrekBatman!Potter/Hunger games

Geeky Bleach Shirts, a set on Flickr.

Bleach and I have a love/hate relationship ever since I ruined a pair of expensive jeans. I rarely use it except on my white counter tops in my kitchen that absorb every stain in the known Universe. My love for bleach came a couple years ago when I did a summer craft camp. One of our assignments was using contact paper and bleach to re-purpose old t-shirts. After completing a really cool Steam-punk tank I was hooked.

I am all about DIY projects especially when they are cheap. While this is a good summer craft it’s also a craft that the family can do for Christmas gifts. Keep in mind that bleach will ruin your clothes and hands, so wear old stuff and gloves. A Clorox bleach pen is great for free hand work or on stencils or stamps.

Today’s DIY uses contact paper and bleach in a spray bottle. I took a picture of each step for us visual folks! Click the link under the pictures for specific instructions.


If you come up with a design we would love to see them. Post a link in your comments below.

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