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Geek Craft- DIY Lightsaber earrings & Giveaway!

Geek Craft- DIY Lightsaber earrings & Giveaway!

Starting today I am adding a new section to GeekyKool- DIY Geek crafts. I hope to provide simple tutorials on a wide range of DIY projects for the everyday geek. Each project will be rated on cost and difficulty. Either myself, my Mister ,or some borrowed kids will be making the crafts to prove that you don’t have to be born with a glue gun in hand to make something  KOOL for yourself or your family.

Difficulty ratings:

* – very easy and child friendly

**- easy with more steps and adult supervision for anyone under 10

***- Some crafty experience needed, more steps and adult supervision for children

****- Lots of steps, complex instructions and adult supervision is a must!

A HUGE pet peeve of mine is a tutorial that doesn’t tell you where to get your supplies or about how much you should expect to spend. I will (within reason) list options for purchase and prices. Also, I am cheap.. ask the Mister. I am a big fan of the dollar store, garage sales and re-purposing what you have. If I have to purchase something, it had better work for more than just one item or be super special. Finally, I haunt the internet and Pinterest for craft and project ideas. If you have an idea that you would like for me to try leave a comment and I will see what I can do.


Let’s get busy peeps!


Our first project stems from my visit to the St. Louis Wizard Con in February. So many booths had KOOL earrings that were stupidly expensive. Not all of us have $50 for a pair of nuts and bolts that dangle from our ears. Enter LEGO.. I have a love affair with Lego’s, especially the Star Wars version. I have seen lots of cute Lego Lightsaber earrings on Etsy for around $10 a pair (not figuring in shipping). I figured that one could make their own easily by either raiding your child toy box or snagging some replacements on Amazon or Ebay. Turns out there are tons of sellers that provide sets of Lightsaber’s for around $5-10. A quick search on Ebay or Amazon will score some good deals. FYI- Ebay sellers usually have free shipping or cheaper shipping than Amazon.

Lightsaber earrings
Lightsaber earrings

What you need: 

  • Lego Lightsabers– raid the your kids toy box or find on Amazon or Ebay ($5-12 for a package of six to ten)
  • Testors Cement for Plastic Models– Wal-Mart or craft stores like Michaels will carry it. ($3-6) Make sure you get the package with the precision tips. Superglue also works pretty well.
  • Earring wires– Wal-Mart or craft stores have these in multi packs.  ($2) Or take apart an old pair of earrings that you hate and use those wires.
  • Crimp end Necklace clamps– You can get around 200 for ($2) at Walmart or most craft stores. Or save a bit and buy a jewelry kit at Walmart that has both earring wires and necklace clamps.
  • Needle nose pliers or tweezers to open earring loops

Cost per pair: Depending on what you already have or what you have to buy around $5.

Difficulty:  * * (mostly because of the glue, pliers and tiny pieces)


Supplies needed- Click picture to enlarge
Supplies needed- Click picture to enlarge



Glue Lego parts together
Glue Lego parts together


Step 1: Glue your Lego pieces together (hilt and saber). If you don’t do this your earrings will come apart. Depending on the glue it might take a few hours to dry. Testors takes 2 hours to fully cure. Make sure to wipe off any excess glue that squirts out before it dries. You can see it coming out in the photo below. A tiny bit will be plenty!







Bend clamp
Bend clamp


Step 2: Bend the clamp part of the necklaces clamps to form a triangle. It should fit snugly into the top of the grey saber hilt. See close up pictures.







Triangle shape
Triangle shape


You don’t have to bend it really far. Just enough to fit into the hilt.








Glue into hilt
Glue into hilt


Step 3: Glue your necklace clamps into the tops of the hilts. Believe it or not there is a right and wrong way to glue it. There is a tiny little “on” button on the hilt so if you are picky like I am, make sure it’s facing forwards when you glue in the necklace clamp.  The loop of the clamp should be at the back of the hilt with the “button” facing towards you. See pictures.

Let the glue dry!





Tiny button for the front of the saber.
Tiny button for the front of the saber.


Remember the button.. if you look close here it is!








Finished pairs!


Step 4: Open the earring loops and add your dried and finished lightsabers. Use the pliers or tweezers to make sure the loop is closed nice and tight.







That’s it, you are done and ready to wear your new funky earrings! Which side did you choose?  Personally I made a pair in every color so I could wear them depending on my mood. The red pair are for Mondays!



Not a crafty person? Want a pair for yourself  or that special someone without the hassle? Post a comment below with the following:

1. The color you like- Red, Yellow or Blue

2. How you found us

Easy as shooting a Womp Rat while flying T-16 Skyhoppers on Tatooine! I will put the names in a hat and choose a winner on June 25th so check back to see if you won!

Good luck you will have!


14 thoughts on “Geek Craft- DIY Lightsaber earrings & Giveaway!

  1. I found your site because you shared it on facebook and I thought that the earrings looked so cool! I love Star Wars! If I won, I would love to get the blue ones because a) my favorite color is blue and B) I have always loved the blue lightsabers in the movies. They look awesome and blue was the first color lightsaber shown in the Star Wars movies, which makes it infinitely cooler.

  2. I came across your site on Pinterest. If I won I would like the red, because the red looks awesome as a colour, and it’s the colour of evil, or at least, sith lightsabers.

  3. Abby and Frances,

    Thank you both for stopping by our site. Please stop by often. We keep the content Fresh. Valerie is our expert craft person and she will be delivering more KOOL craft projects.

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