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Galaxycon Richmond 2024 Recap

Galaxycon Richmond 2024 Recap


This Past Weekend, March 15 – March 17, 2024, GalaxyCon Rolled into Richmond, Virginia. For the second year in a row, GeekyKool was there to cover it.  lots of Celebrities were on hand including Ian McDiarmid, Dolph Lundgren, Kattie Sackhoff and a host of others made their way to the Richmond Convention Center to join literary writers, wrestlers content creators(comic book writers and artists) and vendors for was was rapidly becoming one of the better editions of GalaxyCon.  This year, the Con was sold out of both Saturday Passes and Weekend Passes, and because of this, they instituted a Thursday night pass pickup at the Richmond venue location of Dave and Busters.

The Con opened on Friday and it was pretty packed as the line to get in went down one side of the venue.  Everything started at 2pm, However they did not allow people to start picking up badges until 12PM. this led to a long Cue at the registration desk.  The exhibitor hall did not open until 2pm,  One issue I had was in the email 24 hours prior to the first day, Media was told “bring a list of interviews you want to set up”, however at the Con we got told “you have to talk to the guests and their agents or handlers to see if they will do interviews”.  This led to a lot of Confusion, because, the main guests were always to busy to do them, and most of the time, the handlers would say No to interviews.

On Friday I did get to do 1 interview with John Jackson Miller, who writes both Star Trek and Star Wars novels, and wrote the Marvel Comic version of “the old republic. Here is that Interview:


The only other video I got on Friday was a personal message to Rachel Devone-Wells, a mutual friend of Larry Litle and myself. Sonny Strait the Voice Actor who played Krillin on DBZ(Dragon Ball Z) did a special shoutout to Ray Ray, and here it is:


On Saturday, we arrived about 11:30AM and it was obvious the sellout stretched the Con’s staff, as the line went completely around the building 3 times. Here is some of that video I shot will walking up to the entrance.

There was little coordination as people were in line for hours, and even those who had arrived early for photo ops, missed them because they waited in line for so long.  Sting(retired wrestler) was a big attraction for Saturday, however due to a family emergency(I know what it was, but I will not post it out of respect for his privacy), he could only stay until 3PM. The exhibitor hall was packed wall to wall with people, and the lines to see celebrities were very long. Both Ashley and I Left early, as the crowd was way too much for me to handle while keeping my anxiety in check.

Sunday, I attended alone, as Ashley wasn’t feeling well, and the event was much easier to navigate as the crowd has about half of the Saturday crowd. I took a lot of cosplay photos, while also meeting some of the celebrities that I wanted to speak with. The shirt I was wearing got a lot of positive comments, I had picked it up from Spencer’s, and it read “Don’t like me, F off, Problem solved”. every celebrity and fan who saw me commented on how much they liked my shirt.  The first celebrity I talked to was Anthony Michael Hall, the 1980’s teen movie star(The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Weird Science), I did ask about an interview with him, However he said “I don’t like to do them”, and I respected his wishes. Next i saw Corbin Berson(Dorn from Major League), I spent some time talking to him, but He also was not doing Interviews. I then searched for and found my buddy Dan Nokes from 21st Century Sandshark and picked up his new graphic novel that I did a review on here last month titled “Chicken Battered and Fried”. This is a great book, and everyone should go to his website  https://www.21sandshark.com/  and pick up his old, or new Graphic Novel. Then I went and actually did something for myself, as I decided to get a new Tattoo on my left shoulder that memorialized my 2 puppies Steele and Draco. This is the result, and i am really happy with how it came out.

Of course what would a con be without cosplayers, here are some of the best cosplayers that I saw over the weekend.

We also had a K.I.T.T. sighting


It was a great weekend, and I am glad that GeekyKool got the opportunity to cover it for the second year in a row. I look forward to going back in 2025 and beyond.

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