Fox Wants an X-Men Television Series

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According to TV Insider, the Fox Network wants to bring the X-Men Franchise to their television audience.  Even though Fox owns the rights to make X-Men movies, they don’t have the right to put out a television series without the approval from Marvel and Disney.

There are negotiations currently going on between Fox and Marvel/Disney.  It is very early in the process.  It could really go either way.

I personally think that Fox could be granted and make an X-Men based television series.  It would probably be a separate team of mutants that have ties to the X-Men such as X-Factor, X-Force/New Mutants, or even Excalibur.  But Fox will probably have to give Marvel something in return.

I have an idea that might work for both.  Listen up Marvel and Fox.  How about Fox hands the rights to the Fantastic Four back over to the Marvel?  This would stop the train wreck of a movie that is set to open this summer and let Marvel Studios play with the First Family of Marvel. Many of the Fox executives are very nervous about this movie.  Why not stop it and get something in return while the Fantastic Four still holds value for you?

In return Marvel will allow Fox to have rights to put out an X-Men based television series but only one.  This way, after the television series run, Marvel still has the rights for any future television series after the rights revert to Marvel for the movies.  Also, this series will probably only last less than 13 episodes because it is the Fox Network after all.

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