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Fortnite Nineteen Eight Video Mocks Apple After Dispute

Fortnite Nineteen Eight Video Mocks Apple After Dispute

Epic Games and Apple are in dispute and both are throwing punches.  Fortnite by Epic Games bucked Apple’s control and preceieved shakedown by making an option for users to pay for in game updates without going through Apple with a direct payment option, that gives a discount.  Apple currently takes 30% of all in game purchases off the top of any money just for having the game on an i-device and their Apple Store.

As soon as Epic released the updated change for users, Apple stepped in.  They tossed Fortnite off of the Apple Store for violating their policies.  It was swift action from Apple.

Epic struck by releasing the video below.  This video plays up to Apple’s famous 1984 video promoting them as the rebel and the way around the control.  Epic’s take on it is that they are bucking the totalitarian 1984-esque control of Apple.

Epic Games has filed a lawsuit against Apple.

This move doesn’t appear to have affected gaming Fortnite on Android, PC, or Consoles.  Apple users will be stuck in the middle while this gets figured out. It appears they will not get any further updates or seasons for Fortnite for a long time.

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