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Dungeon Masters Guild Bans AI Generate Stories and Art

Dungeon Masters Guild Bans AI Generate Stories and Art

Rumors and speculation surround Wizards of the Coast and the use of Artificial Intelligence.  We know WOTC has started that they will have some AI used to replace Dungeon Masters to run some games online.  Is this where Artificial Intelligence usage will end or AI also be used to create D&D art and stories?  Will AI be used to create the new rules for 5e+?

Artificial Intelligence is a key component of the the SAG-AFTRA strike.  Writers and actors have valid concerns about jobs replaced of AI.  We know it has already happened on a limited basis.

Some third part and  TTRPG companies have come out to stand against the use of Artificial Intelligence. The Dungeon Masters Guild, a subsidiary of OneBookShelf, announced an official policy restricting standalone AI-generated products.  The Dungeon Masters Guild is the largest digital third-party marketplace to buy Dungeons and Dragons materials and related 3rd Party materials.  They will also have a Creation Method Filter to require sellers to indicate if any part of the game, rulebook, or adventure contains any Artificial Intelligent created content.

DriveThru Marketplaces runs Dungeon Masters Guild.  In a recent policy update, DriveThru Marketplaces will not accept any AI-produced art.  The only exception to this is that AI art will be permitted in Rulebooks and Adventures but must be tagged.

Artificial Intelligence creating art and stories and rules is a big deal.  Artists and writers work hard on their creations.  To have them replaced by AI,  is a threat to them and to the creative quality of the art and stories.

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