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DragonCon Day 1 Interview with Actress Claudia Christian

DragonCon Day 1 Interview with Actress Claudia Christian

On Friday Morning, Bright and early I had a 9am interview with Actress Claudia Christian. This was a 1 on 1 interview for GeekyKool, and that was great for me as i have always been a huge Babylon 5 fan.  Now let me explain how the Interview process runs at DragonCon. When you show up at the location for your interview, you check in with the Interview Coordinator, who goes over the “rules” governing interviews. There are the usual things like getting permission to record either via Audio or Video from the person being interviewed, also with the Strikes going on(WGA and SAG-AFTRA), there is an extra level of “knowledge” where you must agree to not bring up any struck work, past, present or future. DragonCon had a policy in place where if you violated their media rules, you would lose your press badge and access to the rest of the Con.  When I interviewed anyone that was a member of the Union, I verbally let them know that GeekyKool supports the strike, and no struck work would be talked about. The Following is my Interview with Claudia Christian.

I was able to talk to Claudia throughout the weekend, and picked up her memoir “BabylonConfidential” where she talked about her addiction issues and how she overcame them.  She has created a foundation “The C Three Foundation” https://cthreefoundation.org/

She is an amazing person, one of my favorite actors of all time, and I was blessed to meet her, and spend 10 minutes getting to know her at DragonCon 2023.

Remember, if you are suffering from a dependency issue, there is help out there for you and you can overcome it.

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