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DIY- Star Wars Christmas wreath

DIY- Star Wars Christmas wreath

Why have a boring, old, traditional wreath for Christmas? Grab some action figures and create a unique geeky wreath. Today I will show you how to make a wreath using Star Wars action figures. I would have loved to make a “Wreath of Khan” but Star Trek figures are really hard to find.

The Mister and I use our Christmas tree to highlight places we have visited and things that we love. It has turned into more of  a “Pop culture” tree. Every year we add another fandom ornament to the mix. Last year we found a reflective Firefly ship that looks rather shiny. This year the Mister requested a wreath of epic geeky proportion to add to our decor. I present – Star Wars: Return of the wreath

What you need:

  • Wreath– (mine is 24″) They range from $5 to $20. Look for sales around Christmas and after
  • Action Figures– raid the kids toy boxes or or hit up your local comic book stores for figures
  • Fishing line– a few dollars at Walmart
  • Wire Ribbon- I used bright blue and silver $4.99 at craft stores
  • Regular ribbon- 3/8 inch wide blue/silver $2.99
  • Scissors

Total cost– It depends on what you have on hand. I spent around $30.00 to get a few more figures, ribbon and a wreath


Difficulty level- Easy family project that even the kids can help with

**Click on the photos to see more detail**











Step 1: Arrange your figures on the wreath to get an idea of how many you need and how it will look. I had a blend of the good and bad guys. I am kinda bummed that Darth Vader didn’t have his lightsaber. Luke is currently residing upside down in a jar for another project and I couldn’t find Obi Wan. Work with what you have..








Step two: Tie them all on to the wreath. This is the most tedious part. My wreath had a nice metal frame behind the pine branches so I just looped my fishing line around that and tied them on around the waist and under the arms. R2D2 was a bit hard to get on as was Vader. His dang cape kept getting in the way! Make sure they are on good and tight. I tied a few on and then shook the wreath and fixed anyone who fell off. Beware of the little guns and accessories. These fall off easily so either leave them off or glue them on.







Step three: Now it’s time to add the ribbon. I chose blue and silver for the light side. Vader was displeased. We had a discussion and he was out voted. I told him he could either suck it up or I would send him outside in the blizzard. The compromise was a choice spot right at the top. The balance of the force was maintained… for now…

I used the ribbon as extra security for some of the figures by looping it over them. Ackbar is now trapped… heh..heh!



Step 4: Success is almost in your grasp!! Now it’s time for the big bow! I learned to tie these in high school in horticulture class. If you are bow challenged you can Google several video tutorials that will show you how. I recommend wire ribbon. Or you can be lazy and just buy a blue bow.. choose wisely young padawan. If you like, you can add a hanger for the back using extra ribbon or line. My wreath has that nice metal frame that worked well on my hanger on our fireplace mantle.

Finished!!!!! Check this bad boy out! I went for simple this time and left off the extra ornaments and frills. I go for a more understate sheikh than gaudy geek. However, decorate your wreath to your hearts content. Let the kids go crazy. Add a death star to the middle. The possibilities are endless. Got a photo of your own creation? Share it below. I would love to see what you all come up with.



Merry Christmas and may the force be with you!


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