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DIY- A very Fett terrarium

DIY- A very Fett terrarium

Boba Fett is arguably one of the most popular and beloved Star Wars villains. Both the Mister and I think he is pretty awesome. I was super excited to score an action figure for just a dollar at a Flea Market. This led to some crafty plotting on how to best showcase my new friend. Thankfully the Mister had requested a cool plant for his office cube and after looking around I found a very sarlacc looking succulent. Double score!

If you have never created an action figure terrarium you should. There are several kinds that you can make. Some require live plants and some do not. Today I will show you the live version.



  • Glass container
  • Stones or glass flat marbles
  • Soil
  • Sand or moss to keep in the moisture
  • Action Figure
  • Plant












1. Put some smooth stones or glass marbles in the bottom of your terrarium. It helps with drainage in case you are a chronic over watering plant killer. I tend to either water things to death or forget to water things for week. My houseplants hate me.
















2. Add your potting soil. Purchase soil to go with the plant that you have selected. My plant is a succulent. I could have used a cacti soil but this is just as good. It holds moisture so you don’t have to water it as much. It’s a good well draining soil too.













3. Place you plant in the container. You can use more than one for a jungle scene (Jurassic Park) or just one feature plant. I love that this looks like spiky sarlacc arms with teeth. OM NOM!

This also the time to add either sand or moss to the top of the soil. I chose sand to mimic the movie. If you look close you can see a little well around the plant. This is for the water. The sand and moss also help lock in the moisture.


IMG_2701 IMG_2703













4. Set up your action figure. I wanted Boba to fly so I used a thick wire wrapped around his jet pack to achieve the look. I also took the chance to fly him around the yard a bit.















5. Add your figure!!! I used a bit of hot glue to attach the wire to the dish so it would stand up straight. I like to think that after Boba falls in and they switch scenes he flies off into the sunset.

In the next tutorial I will show a few plant free terrarium ideas for the black thumb geeky readers. Trust me they are just as Kool!


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