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Disney is trying to bring back the original trilogy magic!

Star Wars Blu-ray

This should be interesting.  Comicbook.com is reporting that Disney is working on a new Blu-ray release of the original Star Wars trilogy that will be exactly everything we remember fondly from our past.

No special edition CGI Jabba.

No new version of the Death Star blowing up.

Han will shoot first!

I hope Disney gets this right and doesn’t mess up my memories more than George already has.

No release date has been set yet.

EDIT:  A poster on the Comicbook.com site reminds us that FOX supposedly has the rights to Episode IV in perpetuity and to Episodes V and VI until 2020.  He doubts that FOX would work with Disney on this but stranger things have happened (I just can’t think of one right now…).

Let’s all hope that FOX and Disney see enough money bag symbols in their eyes to make this happen!

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