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Dear iPhone Users, Please Stop

Dear iPhone Users, Please Stop

Hi, I am Larry, and I am an Android user. I am happy with my android phone and tablet. I like my platform. I have a lot of friends that are Apple users with iPhones and iPads. I love my Apple Friends just like I love my Android friends. But there is something many of my Apple friends do that drive me crazy.

Now, I could give you a top ten list of why Android is superior to Apple products but I won’t.  It is really about preference and what platform you like better.  Yes, I like mine better so I think it is better but honestly it doesn’t matter to me which one (if any) that you like.  Use what you like. If you prefer Apple, I am happy for you. I might tease you about it but it doesn’t really matter.

What does matter to me is when someone is inconsiderate or preachy about their device choice.  I hate… I mean I HATE when someone tells me I should do what they are doing or using because clearly they are right and better.  There is no better way to guarantee that I will never switch to what they you are doing or using than to act that way.

Here is my beef with my Apple friends.  There is a STUPID (yes I am being judgement about this) feature on the iPhone to “Like” a text.  This is really annoying when it is in a group text (which I cannot stand anyway).   The iPhone people get a cute little thumbs up like where it translates to Android with a “So and So Liked So and So’s text” and then includes all of the original text.  When one person does that in a group text, it seems like every iPhone user has to follow suit.  What that means it my text messages are blowing up with a repeated long freaking message telling me so and so liked this person’s text.  This is almost nails on the chalkboard annoying to me.  I HATE IT.

Let me stop to talk about liking someone’s text.  Why would someone over 18 feel the need to like someone’s text.  This isn’t Facebook or Instagram. This is a freaking group text. You don’t need to like it.  Seriously, this would make sense if a middle school group text did it but not adults.

When this happens, I try to be nice.  I attempt to ask politely for people to stop doing this since I find it annoying.  I assume that iPhone users have forgotten that many Android users are put out about this.  I am always hopeful that I will hear, “Oh I forgot that annoys you and we will stop.” But that has never happened.  You would think I would learn not to expect people to be KOOL.

When I ask iPhone users to stop, I always have two things happen.  Firstly, someone if not numerous people will add more likes because they now realize it bugs me.  Secondly, I always have someone in the group chat say, “Well if you would just get the superior iPhone, that wouldn’t happen.”  Seriously You are doing something that you know is bothering someone that has politely asked you stop and you continue just because you think your product is superior.  Then you have the nerve to tell me I should move to your annoying product.

This is the place where I silence the group text. I don’t like them anyway.  I am out. I don’t need your information.

I have to admit, I have looked for an Android app to spam group text messages back that would annoy iPhone users. I haven’t found anything but I have looked for it.

My iPhone friends, I love you. I would never tell you to switch to Android.  I would stop doing something once you reminded me that your phone cannot read what I am trying to do and it is annoying you.  You might look down on us Android users because you have been brainwashed to think your iPhone is superior (I am telling you I could easily write a top 10 reasons Androids are superior article if I wanted) but please respect our choice and be kind.

If those words don’t convince you not included “Likes” in group text with Android users, then I have only one thing to say. JUST STOP IT!

Stay Geeky!

(This article is meant in good fun.  My iFriends do annoying the crap out of me with their likes but I do love you).

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