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Deadpool Movie RUMOR: Brad Pitt as Cable

Deadpool Movie RUMOR: Brad Pitt as Cable

Image via Marvel Database – Wikia

We don’t usually post rumors on Geeky KOOL. Let me make this clear.  This is purely a rumor and speculation. There is no evidence that this is in the works.

According to Comicbook.com, one of the big time rumors for Deadpool 2 is about who will be Cable.  This rumor has A List actor and Springfield, MO native,  Brad Pitt taking the mantle of Cable.

Brad Pitt is a fine actor.  Springfield is very proud of their Thespian.  He went to school in Springfield and his name is etched in the theatre room at Kickapoo High School.  Yet, Bradd Pitt is a horrible selection for Cable.

Pitt doesn’t have the gritty look and feel.  He doesn’t have the gruff voice.  He isn’t really intimidating.

My pick would be either Stephen Lang or Ron Perlman.

Stay Geeky My Friends!

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